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To update a previously submitted ticket, please use the form to the right.'; $lang['txt']['checkticketstatus'] = 'Check Ticket Status'; $lang['txt']['checkticketstatusdescr'] = 'Verify your ticket status.'; $lang['txt']['ticketid'] = 'Ticket ID'; $lang['txt']['viewticket'] = 'View Ticket'; $lang['txt']['department'] = 'Department'; $lang['txt']['imgverification'] = 'Image Verification'; $lang['txt']['msgdetails'] = 'Message Details'; $lang['txt']['generalinformation'] = 'General Information'; $lang['txt']['ticketsent'] = 'Your support request was successfully sent. You will receive a response within 48 hours.'; $lang['txt']['adviewed'] = 'You already visited this advertisement in the last 24 hours'; $lang['txt']['adwait'] = 'Wait please...'; $lang['txt']['invalidimageverification'] = 'Invalid Image Verification'; $lang['txt']['accountcredited'] = 'Thanks for watching!'; $lang['txt']['withdrawhistory'] = 'Withdraw History'; $lang['txt']['no_withdraw'] = 'You did not make any withdrawal'; $lang['txt']['pageof'] = 'Page %n of %t'; $lang['txt']['pagenumofnum'] = '%n of %t'; $lang['txt']['date'] = 'Date'; $lang['txt']['account'] = 'Account'; $lang['txt']['method'] = 'Method'; $lang['txt']['amount'] = 'Amount'; $lang['txt']['status'] = 'Status'; $lang['txt']['statuscompleted'] = 'Completed'; $lang['txt']['statuspending'] = 'Pending'; $lang['txt']['statuscancelled'] = 'Cancelled'; $lang['txt']['withdrawtitle'] = 'Withdraw Your Earnings'; $lang['txt']['nocashout'] = 'You do not have enough funds in your account to complete this operation.
Your minimum cashout is $%money

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Next cashout available on %nextcashout'; $lang['txt']['question'] = 'Do you really want to make this operation?'; $lang['txt']['paymentsent'] = 'Your payment request was successfully submitted!
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All his posts have been deleted.'; $lang['txt']['lastedit'] = 'Last Edit'; $lang['txt']['errcommand'] = 'Error processing this command'; $lang['txt']['yourreflink'] = 'Your referral link'; $lang['txt']['bannerurl'] = 'Banner URL'; $lang['txt']['manage'] = 'Manage'; $lang['txt']['ad'] = 'Ad'; $lang['txt']['credits'] = 'Credits'; $lang['txt']['outside'] = 'Outside'; $lang['txt']['action'] = 'Action'; $lang['txt']['clicktovalidatead'] = 'CLICK HERE TO VALIDATE THIS AD'; $lang['txt']['pendingreview'] = 'PENDING REVIEW'; $lang['txt']['start'] = 'Start'; $lang['txt']['pause'] = 'Pause'; $lang['txt']['allocatecredits'] = 'Allocate'; $lang['txt']['noactive'] = 'Not Active'; $lang['txt']['addadvertisement'] = 'Add New'; $lang['txt']['slots'] = 'Slots'; $lang['txt']['approved'] = 'Approved'; $lang['txt']['pending'] = 'Pending'; $lang['txt']['views'] = 'Views'; $lang['txt']['creationform'] = 'Creation Form'; $lang['txt']['title'] = 'Title'; $lang['txt']['subtitle'] = 'Subtitle'; $lang['txt']['adcreated'] = 'Your advertisement was sucessfully created!'; $lang['txt']['adupdated'] = 'Your advertisement was sucessfully updated!'; $lang['txt']['targeturl'] = 'Target URL'; $lang['txt']['imageurl'] = 'Image URL (Optional, will be re-sized to fit within 100x100 pixels)'; $lang['txt']['premiumonly'] = 'Premium Members Only?'; $lang['txt']['advalue'] = 'Ad Value'; $lang['txt']['seconds'] = 'seconds'; $lang['txt']['targetcountry'] = 'Target Country'; $lang['txt']['allcountries'] = 'All Countries'; $lang['txt']['tosad'] = 'This site does not violate our TOS'; $lang['txt']['cancel'] = 'Cancel'; $lang['txt']['no_credits'] = 'You do not have credits to create an advertisement'; $lang['txt']['acceptourtos'] = 'You must accept our TOS'; $lang['txt']['enterurl'] = 'Please enter the Target URL'; $lang['txt']['selectcountry'] = 'Select a country'; $lang['txt']['selectadvalue'] = 'Please select the Ad Value'; $lang['txt']['invalidrequest'] = 'Invalid Request'; $lang['txt']['invalidad'] = 'Invalid Advertisement'; $lang['txt']['invalidtoken'] = 'Invalid Token'; $lang['txt']['advalidated'] = 'Your link was validated, now you can close this window.'; $lang['txt']['invalidemail'] = 'Invalid e-mail address'; $lang['txt']['passwordsdonotmatch'] = 'Passwords do not match.'; $lang['txt']['emailsdonotmatch'] = 'Emails do not match.'; $lang['txt']['emailblocked'] = 'Email address is blocked by Administrator'; $lang['txt']['usernameblocked'] = 'Username is already in use by other member'; $lang['txt']['passwordtooshort'] = 'Your password is too short, please enter a new one (6 characters minimum)'; $lang['txt']['ipused'] = 'Sorry IP is already used by other member'; $lang['txt']['usernameused'] = 'Email address is already in use by other member'; $lang['txt']['wecouldntverifypaypal'] = 'We couldn\'t verify your paypal, please try again.'; $lang['txt']['paypalnotverified'] = 'PayPal IS NOT verified'; $lang['txt']['adexpired'] = 'Advertisement has been expired'; $lang['txt']['adminadrequired'] = 'You need to visit Admin Advertisement before earn from other ads'; $lang['txt']['usremailmemberinvalid'] = 'Username or Email are invalids or member does not exist'; $lang['txt']['accountinactive'] = 'Your account is not activated.'; $lang['txt']['accountissuspended'] = 'Your account is suspended.'; $lang['txt']['accountisactive'] = 'Your account is activated! 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